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Wednesday Night Mens League/Nite current standings (August 28)

1st Evening – Wednesday May 17th – 6pm Shotgun Start

Men's League is a 2 man team event, in which each team plays a 9 hole individual match (handicapped) against his counterpart on the opposing team:

Player A from Team1 plays against Player A from Team2

Player B from Team1 plays against Player B from Team2

Each team plays a Regular Season of 14 matches, playing against a different team each Wednesday.  Following the Regular Season, teams will advance to different divisions for the Playoffs.  Seeding within these divisions will be based upon each team’s accumulated points throughout the Regular Season. 

All matches are played with your men’s league handicap in effect.

Each individual match is worth 20 points in total, with 2 points allocated per hole and an extra 2 points going to the winner of the match. A player earns 2 points for winning a hole, 1 point for tying a hole, and 0 points for losing a hole. At the end of each match, the team’s total points can be found by adding each individual team member’s points together.  A team can earn a maximum of 40 points each week.  The Proshop collects scorecards at the end of each evening and updates the standings throughout the season.

Your Men’s League fees include your men’s night 9 hole green fee for regular season and playoffs, as well as year-end playoff prizes.

A Dinner Special or Wings & a Beer option are available nightly, please confirm your choice at check in so kitchen can be prepared.  Available after your 9 holes of golf from 8pm - 9pm.                                                 

Men’s League costs are:

$300 for non-member

$70 for SGCC member 




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